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Fruity CBD E-liquids by Marie-Jeanne x12
  • Fruity CBD E-liquids by Marie-Jeanne x12

Mixed 12-Pack of fruity CBD E-liquids by Marie-Jeanne

12 Pack CBD E-Liquids by Marie-Jeanne

  • Made in France (complies with French and European standards)
  • Compatible with electronic cigarettes (heating element over 1 ohm + battery setting under 20W)
  • 0% THC
  • 600 mg of CBD per bottle
  • PG: 80%
  • VG: 20%
  • 100% vegetal
  • Bottles of 10 ml


Pack of 12 fruity E-Liquids including

  • 4 Red Berries CBD E-Liquids
  • 4 Sunset CBD E-Liquids
  • 4 Sunrise CBD E-Liquids

Detail of the Marie-Jeanne fruity CBD E-Liquids x12


Sold here in packs of 12 units, these fruity E-Liquids contain 0% THC and 600 mg of CBD (per bottle). They can be used with electronic cigarettes (with heating element over 1 ohm and battery setting under 20W). This pack includes: 4 Sunset CBD E-Liquids, 4 Sunrise E-Liquids CBD and 4 Red Berries CBD E-Liquids. These E-Liquids comply with the French and European standards and are made in France by the brand Marie-Jeanne.