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Poppers Wholesale

Poppers Store


Originally, Poppers Store was a team of a dozen collaborators specialised in the sale of poppers to professionals. Our company is located in France and was created in 2013. Today, with our solid expertise in B2B sales, we’re widening our sector of activity by selling a range of CBD, an expanding market.

We supply numerous shops with quality products having high margins. Thanks to our internal logistics and our storage facilities, we’ve gained strong business-to-business skills.

We work closely with brands and suppliers to guarantee you ultra-competitive prices and a guaranteed stock of products.

Over 300 professionals from different sectors of activity trust us now. Nightclubs, tobacconists, saunas, e-commerce shops and professionals in the event industry are now part of our loyal customers.

Our adaptability enables us to meet the precise demands of our customers in Europe and also worldwide.

Last but not least, with Poppers Store, you also have a personalised follow-up directly in relation with our sales department, which is your single interlocutor for your exchanges and orders to make things easier and optimise your time. 


For more information, feel free to contact us by email at: contact@poppers-store.eu


Poppers wholesaler


Poppers-store.eu is a team of professionals specialised in the sale of ambient aromas and poppers to professionals. You’ll find different ranges of Canadian, American and French poppers on poppers-store.eu such as Lockerroom, Jungle Juice, Amsterdam or even Everest Aromas.

Having over 80 different references, we make sure that we select quality poppers and sell them at the best wholesale and semi-wholesale prices.

We buy our products straight from producers, which is a token of the freshness of our aromas. There’s no middleman between us and the factories.

Our customers’ needs are at the heart of the priorities of the poppers-store.eu team. Indeed, our strength comes from our ability to adapt to situations as well as the needs of our customers.


CBD wholesaler


CBD is a high-margin product with an exponential increase in our customers’ demand. The potential of the CBD market is estimated at 25 billion euros in 2023. CBD is a product with a high turnover rate and a high margin.

After months of research, Poppers Store proposes two quality brands specialised in CBD. The products concerned are vape pens and CBD e-liquids.

Marie-Jeanne is a French brand that makes Vape Pens and CBD-based e-liquids coming from the European Union. All our vape pens are ready to use. Some models of vape pens are reusable. The THC-free guaranteed e-liquids are available in several flavours. All our vape pens are reusable, you just need to change the e-liquid.

As for the American brand Kush, the CBD comes from Switzerland. The terpenes used are natural. The vape pens are also available in different flavours and are ready to use by the customer.

Each reference is sold in packs of several units. You’ll find the exact quantity on the product information sheets.

The storage and packaging are done in a controlled atmosphere. The deliveries are secure and with a follow-up. To best adapt to our customers, we have several order possibilities.