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Smoking Accessories

If you sell tobacco and are specialised in the retail of items for smokers, then you’re in the right place for your supply. Our range of items is expanding so that you can get cigarette products to sell in your shop or on the net.


Poppers Store is the wholesaler for your smokers’ items 

Our store is at the service of retailing professionals in the sector of tobacco. Indeed, the owners of tobacco shops but also the retailers specialised in CBD, vaping and the sale of cigarettes appreciate our seriousness and now order regularly their tobacco-type products on Poppers Store.


Our items for cigarettes could also be of interest to the wholesalers of supplies and accessories for smokers. The range of products for smoking accessories is very wide. You can often find diverse accessories in a retailer’s shop such as tobacco pouches, vaporisers, aromas or even cigarette cases. Smoking accessories are liked by many customers, that’s why it’s relevant for professionals to offer a wide range of items for smokers at attractive prices. We support retailers selling particularly packets of cigarettes to make them widen their range. Whether you have a shop, an e-shop or a resale shop, Poppers store has thought of you.


Poppers Store is a professional wholesaler with expertise in commerce and tobacco. You can now discover our items for smokers and our brands on offer.


What smoking accessories do we sell? 

Among our items for smokers for professionals, we have grinders and quality rolling papers.



Our range of grinders is composed of: 

  •  Biodegradable hemp grinders in packs of 12
  •  Biodegradable green hemp grinder in a pack of 12

Both hemp-based models are delivered with a display stand for professionals, which makes the display to customers easier. Besides, hemp is a good substitute for biodegradable cardboard.


Our other models of grinders:

  • Amsterdam plastic grinder without acetate in packs of 12

This item is composed of 3 parts and has no display stand.

  • Curved grinder in copper, silver, gold metal or bong in packs of 6.


The accessories for this range of products come in 4 parts. The first two are magnetised with teeth. The third one is a collecting sieve and the fourth is the storage chamber for scraping. These models have no display stands.


Rolling papers

In our range of rolling papers or cigarette papers, we have the Slim rolling paper by the brand Beuz. Sold in a display stand, the rolling papers are available in several models:

  • Bleached rolling papers without tips in bags of 50 notebooks, each containing 32 leaves per bag.
  • Bleached rolling papers with tips in bags of 24 notebooks, each containing 32 leaves.
  • Unbleached rolling papers without tips in bags of 50 notebooks, each containing 32 leaves.
  • Unbleached rolling papers with tips in bags of 24 notebooks, each containing 32 leaves.

The rolling papers are available in packs, therefore they’re easy to handle for customers to guarantee quick refill. They’re used to make cigarettes.


Why trust us to supply you with smoking accessories in bulk?

As a supplier of tobacconists, all the products we sell come from the best brands. As a wholesaler for professionals for several years now, we offer quality smokers' articles for retailers and tobacco retailers. We guarantee you an offer at a good price for all our cigarette items. Dispatches are done in 72 hours maximum with a personalised follow-up. Each retailer or tobacconist will get a neutral parcel.