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A grinder is an important accessory for smokers. It is regularly found in tobacconists or specialist e-tailers. Grinder is also called a herb grinder or weed grinder. At Poppers Store, herb grinders are available in batches. You will find hemp grinders, aluminium grinders and plastic grinders in different colours to meet all your customers' demands. Its low price makes it very attractive to customers and allows you to take advantage of an attractive resale margin. One of the grinder brands available on Poppers Store is Kush Bong, a quality French brand specialising in smoking and tobacco accessories.  


At Poppers Store, we offer different types of grinders to meet large customer demand: biodegradable green grinders (hemp), curved grinders (aluminium), Amsterdam grinders (plastic) and finally boreal grinders (anodised aluminium).


Composition of a grinder

Depending on the grinder chosen, it will be composed of 3 or 4 pieces. It is relevant to have different types of grinders in your shop or on your website to meet customer demand. The herb grinder is often composed of an upper and lower part and the middle with teeth to shreed. Grinders can also be composed of a sieve and a recuperator. All parts are removable, which makes cleaning easier for customers.


Available materials

  • Hemp: hemp grinders are robust and biodegradable
  • Plastic: herb grinders will be light and easy to transport
  • Aluminium: these grinders are stronger but heavier than plastic grinders
  • Anodised aluminium: this material has the same appearance as conventional aluminium but will last even longer

Due to the material chosen, the price range is very wide, allowing you to offer affordable or higher-end products depending on the consumer's needs.


Herb Grinder's teeth

Depending on the type of grinder chosen, the shape of the teeth will be different, which will have an impact on the grinding of the tobacco and the use of the grinder.


There are 2 types of teeth:

  • Diamond teeth: the most common shape, offering precise and fine grinding. Diamond teeth are often found on aluminium herb grinders.
  • Shark teeth: very light, these teeth grind tobacco very well. This shark teeth shape is often used with plastic or acrylic grinders.

Bulk sales

At Poppers Store, grinders are sold in sets of:

  • 6 grinders
  • 12 grinders


To complete your range of smoking accessories, rolling papers are also available on Poppers Store.